Oman Systems listed in Construction Executive Magazine for Tech Trends Essential Apps

Software that Operates the way Contractors Think

Built By Contractors, For Contractors

Oman Systems, Inc. (OSI) has made a name for itself, since 1992, by being a company that continues to grow large enough to support their clients and remain small enough to know them. OSI measures its success by the satisfaction of its customers; which means it has always been important for them to remember where they came from in order to design software that operates the way contractors think.


generation2hOman Construction Company, now dba Oman Systems, Inc., embraces its 113+ years of construction experience (from railroad bridges to the expansion of the Panama Canal to the interstates and roads across the U.S.) in the effort to create software which truly incorporates the input and ideas from foremen and managers alike. Since OSI once performed the same day-to-day tasks that many of their clients do today; it is critical to embark on solutions that reflect not only the OSI history but their clients need to have the right tools to perform their jobs. As a contractor, the Oman family had over 500 people on their corporate pay roll and many more in the field. OSI understands people in construction and the processes necessary to have an optimal running team; the latter is key to the development of advanced software solutions like FieldManagement Pro (FMP).


FMP hit the market designed to bring your project estimate and all of its details closer to the jobsite and then to take all of the details from the jobsite and bring them closer to the office…thereby reducing time spent on the collection of data and improving operating efficiency. FMP uses a securely hosted, cloud service to insure data is readily available. Many companies spend months and years trying to go from a “data rich, information poor” environment to one where they finally have all the answers necessary to make decisions that will impact their bottom line…every day!


phone-hand-16-9v4 300dpi (1)The FMP Mobile app is a management software tool designed to run on Apple and Android devices allowing users to quickly and easily enter diaries, take pictures, report employee and equipment time, and enter project and material quantities. FMP Field is a Windows application that captures the same information using a laptop computer.

FMP Office is a Windows application designed to control and track the data being reported from our Field and Mobile systems. Data from both is stored in the same location, and can be transformed into actionable intelligence for your jobs as well as tracking production, quantities, equipment, and running custom reports to dig deeper into the data.

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