Oman Systems Inc., Nashville, Tenn., has been elected to the Associate membership of the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA). Thomas Gaddis, Director-Sales & Marketing, has been designated as the authorized representative to the association. “I am delighted to welcome Oman Systems Inc. as an associate member of NAPA,” said 2015 NAPA Chairman Michael Cote. “By joining the National Asphalt Pavement Association, they strengthen the entire industry and its efforts to provide the high-performing, cost-effective pavements that the public relies upon.”

Tip of the month – November 2015

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November 2015 tip

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Step by Step guide

The program was designed to allow multiple estimators to work on the same project which could later be merged into one.  The idea is to create an estimate (Master) and as many copies as needed for each estimator.  To merge the data, the estimators with (Copied) estimates would export the merge data which could then be sent to the estimator with the (Master) estimate.  The person with the (Master) estimate can then import the merge data for a complete estimate.

This option allows estimate information in multiple estimates to be merged into one estimate in ProEstimate Heavy. The file exported uses the project name to name the ZIP folder. The merge data for a project labled Sample Earthwork would be labeled PE_Sample_Earthwork.ZIP for example.
Select the File Path to EXPORT the project data to by pressing the button.
The User Code field is used to assign a specific user code to all exported tasks. By default the user logged on to ProEstimate Heavy will be displayed in this field. The Replace Empty Codes option will place user initials next to tasks without user initials.The information that can be included in the export file is explained below:

Pay Item Data Number, Description, Bid Quantity and Unit
Haul/Blast Sheets Iincludes any Task Worksheets.
Plugged Priced Items Includes any costs “plugged” in the estimate.
Custom Quote Sheets Any Custom Quote Sheets created for the estimate will be added to the “main” estimate.
Sub/Supplier Sheets Includes any pricing sheets to be added to “main” estimate.
Pay Items The default selection is All Pay Items; pressing the Select Pay Items button opens a window to choose which items to export.