ProEstmate Heavy Update 9.15


New Features:

  • Added a column within the Entered Mark-up detail screen “Mark-up%”
  • Added Export option for balanced prices when exporting to FMP.
  • Added licensing information to the contractor database.
  • Updated Project search to include project number.
  • Updated SUB/DBE report to show new licensing data (if entered).
  • Added ability within quote sheet to replace text within text boxes.
  • Added ability to customize the bid report (Header, Footer, now has customizable fields).
  • Added new column in task window to show hours/days.
  • Updated MS project export to .xlsx instead of .xls.
  • Project folder section can now be resized.
  • Task worksheets can now have multiple instances open while in shared mode.
  • Updated how we filter contractor database, now it can be printed how it is filtered no longer requiring to set filters again at the print screen.
  • ¬†Added Ability within the pay item database to import Category, phase and cost codes from a spreadsheet