Oman Systems Welcomes Thomas (Thomà) Gaddis, Director of Sales & Marketing

Thomas (Thomà) Gaddis is a business development professional who brings over 17 years of successful, Business to Business (B2B) consultative sales and marketing talent to Oman Systems.  He has worked in technical product sales and service, traversing every state except five as a territory and regional sales manager.  At one point, Thomà lived in Atlanta, GA where he was responsible for the product introduction and management of sales operations for the east coast for Noritz America Corporation.  Therefore, Thomà brings a vast amount of experience, ranging from product sales and training in the general construction industry to talent acquisition (where he partnered with Oman Systems for several years to supply technology professionals).

He is a native of Nashville, TN and enjoys spending time with his wife and three daughters (typically outside).  Thomà graduated with a Business degree from Western Kentucky University, and is a proud member of The Sigma Chi Fraternity.  Last, but not least, he is an active member of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church and prides himself on using intelligence, compassion, and integrity to perform all aspects of his work and life.

Tip of the month – December 2014

Custom County Database in bidTABS Professional

To Create a Custom County Database in bidTABS Professional just follow these simple steps.

  • Go to File/Edit County Databases
  • In the Edit Window, select Edit/Select User Region Maps
  • Replace the 0 in the area above add with a one and click add
  • Select the counties you want to include
  • Save your work

Click the image to play the Video


If you have any questions about this new feature, please contact us.

Office:    800-541-0803