Tip of the month – October 2014

Task Search

The new “task search” feature within ProEstimate allows users to easily search from all projects within the system and copy selected tasks into the current pay item.  You can search based on task description, bid date, estimator, location, and quantity range.

To use this Feature:

Step 1: Within a pay item Click the “Copy” Button beneath the task list window.

Step 2: The Copy Task window will open then click the “Task Search Button”

Step 3: Fill out the parameters to help refine your search once that is completed click the “Search Tasks” button.

Step4: The list of tasks pertaining to your search will be loaded just click the task you would like to copy then click “load”.

Click the image to play the Video

If you have any questions about this new feature, please contact us.


Office:    800-541-0803