Tip of the month – August 2014

FMP Tip of the month


August 2014 tip

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Step by Step guide

When you log into Office, go to the databases option on the left side of the screen and select the Tips/Messages database. Select the green plus button shown below to create a new tip of the day or company message.

August 1

Company message: Will display each time a user logs into their program or reloads all data. Once created, you will set an expiration date and it will continue to display until that day.

Tip of the day: Will display only once for the day of the month chosen. It will continue to display only for that day until it’s deleted.

August 2

Check out the created message on the Mobile App below.

August 3

If you have any questions, need additional information or have an idea for a future tip, please feel free to give us a call at (800) 541-0803 or email us at admin@omanco.com.

FMP Update for All Platforms (Mobile, Office and Field)



Oman Systems, Inc.  is pleased to announce the latest release of our FMP product for all platforms. Read below to see a list of all additional features. You will be prompted to update upon login or you can visit your App store to obtain the update for Android/IOS.

Office Version:

Field Version:

IOS Version: 2.2.2994

Andriod Version:

New Features for Office version:

  • Added Meter readings and notes on the Equipment Master time card report.
  • Added full-screen button to the master time card.
  • Added Units per Manhour and Total Manhours to the Production report.
  • Added the ability to re-direct install directory from Documents folder.
  • Removed the ability for Foreman group to log into Office.
  • Re-worked Tips/Messages database.
  • Added Pay Estimate screen.
  • Added import spreadsheet option to the project list screen for importing multiple projects at once.

New Features for Field version:

  • Added the ability to copy time cards from other projects.
  • New Microsoft reporting engine for Field.
  • Expanded image description field to 255 characters.
  • Added Company Tips and Massages.

New Features for Mobile versions:

  • Added “About” screen to display our company and contact information.
  • Added the ability to copy time cards from other projects.
  • Added Company Tips and Messages.
  • Added the ability to enter ending meter reading.
  • Added the ability to assign operators to equipment


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to Contact Us:

Email:  Support@OmanCo.com

Office:  800-541-0803