FMP Mobile for iPhone

FMP Mobile is an Apple and Android app designed to run on mobile phones and tablets. FMP Mobile allows users to enter diaries, take pictures, enter time cards, project quantities and material quantities. Search for FMPMobile on the Google Play Store and you can install the app for free. To log into the app simply enter your email address and name and log in.

Data Entry – Just as with FMP Field which runs on a computer, FMP Mobile allows users to enter diaries, time cards, quantities and materials, then transmit the data to the office system from any mobile device or tablet.

Project Images – Take pictures using the device camera, add text, and transmit them in to the office system for immediate review.

Project Contacts – The project contacts section allows users to view project, sub and supplier contacts for each project. You can call, map, text or visit the website of any contact.

Project Cost Codes – Track quantity of work performed for each cost code. Quantity overruns are highlighted.